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Hello lovelies!

A month ago I visited my home town for the weekend; each time I go back I am drawn to Toys R Us like a child although I'm in my mid  late 20's!

This time nothing took my eye; everything was way too pink for my liking but when we got to the lego section i spotted this little beauty-

Isn't it cute looking?! These are called Nanoblocks.. they aren't  made by Lego but its the same concept apart from the fact that these blocks, as the name would suggest, are teeny tiny. 

They set me back £7.99 but I think thats pretty reasonable in comparison to the prices of Lego these days! Now where's my slippers...... haha....

So the first thing I did was lay all the pieces out and followed the instructions.. this is where my patience and practical skills let me down... I got to step 2. Step 2... yes . 

Tip- Make sure you do this at a reasonable time of the day... teeny tiny block and sore tired eyes don't mix well.

So the next day I decided to give it another go... still only got to step 2. 

I gave up and watched this vid-

Last weekend my brother came to visit.  I'd been telling him how difficult this birdie was and asked whether he was up to the challenge  of course he said yes!

It took him less than 4 minutes to complete the whole thing. The bugger!

I was determined to do it myself so once he'd left I dismantled little tweety and tried. Step 2. ARGHHHH! 

Thank goodness I took a photo of tweets before I pulled him apart block by block. 

I will not be defeated by this bird..I will try again! 

I really like the idea of Nanoblocks, its like a grown up Lego, the detail in the finished piece is brilliant and I think that a little collection of these on a shelf could look quite lovely!
They range from animals, to musical instruments, to buildings.

 Here's some of the other cute animals they do-

Check out the website for more ideas and stockists!

For you Hello Kitty lovers out there I hear there are some cute kitty Nanoblocks on ebay!

Would you try these out or is it too geeky? Isn't it nice to do something fun that doesn't involve a screen for once?

Let me know what you think xxxx


  1. Aww. This is so cute. :) I love it. I also like going to toy stores form time to time. It's fun. I am sure we're not the only ones. Haha.

    I like your blog. I'm a new subscriber and really enjoy your posts.

    x, Linda

  2. I used to work there when I was at sixth form, was always fun (but tempting) when they got new stuff in haha. When I was there the craze was lego mini figures! He's really cute, I see why you picked him up x

  3. Haha this looks like so much fun! I want to try the cat one.

    Hannah x

  4. Cute, looks fun :)

  5. Oh my goodness these are adorable!!!!
    neeeeeed to get one!!!

    Anna xxx


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