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Bonjour lovelies!

Firstly I'd like to apologise for my lack of blogging activity over the past week, it's been hectic but I have been planning upcoming posts. I've been sent some lovely tea samples so keep your eyes out for my tea review and pictures coming soon!  I also had a stall at a vintage fair this weekend just gone and I of course had you guys in mind and took lots if pictures and got lots of shop links so ill fill you in this weekend.
Now..on to the post...I've decided that I need a change..appearance wise that is. Back in August last year I had my hair dip dyed at a salon, it cost me £70 and took hours!-

For me,it didn't quite turn out as planned and went rather reddish but I grew to like it throughout the summer. My hair however became brittle and horrid to brush due to the bleach.When it got to December time I fancied a change again (my poor hair!!) and dyed it all dark brown myself,I say myself,I mean the boyfie did it for me, tip,if you have a perfectionist boyfriend give him the task of dyeing your mane,he did it very well and got to all the places I normally miss. At first the dye covered all the sections of my oddly coloured hair but over the past few months the colour has dropped off the ends where the bleach was applied and now i seem to have 3 different shades at my roots,mid lengths and tips. If you look back at my summer makeup post you'll see what I mean. So...I need a change....and I've made up my mind..I think... I'm getting a lob! 'What?!' I hear you say... A long bob!

I went for a trim about 2 months ago and the lovely hairdresser warned me that this would happen...the longer I leave the bleached ends the more scratty looking they will get. She recommended i have two inches off but at the time I was too scared but I am ready!! At the time of the trim I decided to grow my full fringe (aka bangs) out but I've thrown in the towel and the fringe has finally defeated me...I'm having it cut back in. Here's some picturesI've found this week-

Although I'm rather scared about losing my lovely long locks I think a change is always good at the beginning of the summer and finally my hair will be a bit
more of a normal colour! Strangely I think that having shorter hair will look better with my makeup,I want to get in to lippy more and I imagine it might work better.. What do you think? A new haircut also means an excuse for new hair products! I keep seeing the macadamia range popping up all over the place,any recommendations??Also, on a less exciting note..I need a new hair dryer,can you recommend a good cheapish one preferable under £30?
Ill post pictures of my hair reveal on Saturday and I may even do a YouTube vid showing the process!
Would love to hear from you all xxxx


  1. ahhh it's going to look so so good! I love the 'lob'. I had an actual bob for the past four years and now I'm trying to grow it out, so it's a bit at an odd length. I'm dying to get it cut again, but know I'll regret it the moment I do. Can't wait to see how it goes :) xx

    1. Thanks darling! I'm excited to have it done!

  2. That will look so lovely on you!, i actually think i'm going to go for a 'lob', i didn't even know it was called that, and now i do! yay. hehe.

    Hope it all goes well!

  3. Just found your blog. I am going to follow straight away. really like it.
    Good job.

    Check out mine:

    x, Linda

  4. Looking forward to the tea post :)
    I've never tried Macadamia products but really want to try them too because i've only heard good things! I've also seen a few in TK Maxx.
    Hannah x

  5. My hair is long (down to my waist) and I am going to get mine cut short like Alexa Chung after graduation - can't wait :) x

  6. I went for the chop recently too! I'm not sure if its short enough to be considered a 'lob' but its definitely short in comparison to its previous length! I love it though! Sure you will too!

  7. Love those photos! Im sure your hair will look lovely!
    You're so pretty you will suit anything :)

    Anna xx


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