Bonjour all,

Browsing through my photo collection this evening I realised I've not told you lovely readers much about here is a little snippet of something that is permanently part of me!

I sometimes forget I have this wacking big tattoo on my forearm-

I got this tattoo a few years ago.. 4 to be precise. 

I like having it because.....

1. Its like having an accessory on all the time
2. It reminds me of the year I had it done... lots of fun and partying!
3.I can sit and stare at it and never get bored
4. I like to think of names the fly
5. If i need injections at the doctors i just look at my tattoo and remind myself it wont be half as painful as that.

I don't like having it because....

1. Grandma's/ older people give me strange looks
2.I'll never be able to be an air hostess 
3. Sometimes in the summer when I get hot it itches 
4.I worry that when i'm older and wiser I'll regret it. 

But...overall i love it! 

Do you have any tattoos or are you thinking of getting one? Any questions? 

Although i worry about the future i do keep thinking I'd like more...(in more discreet places this time) hmmm. 



  1. Followed your lovely blog! Follow back?


  2. Wow! that's awesome! I'd love to get a tattoo - too scared of the pain haah! lovely blog hun, followed!
    would absolutely love it if you could check out my blog?

    - Hannah xoxo

  3. Wow! This is really nice. I don't dare and I never know what to get that I would want forever haha... x

  4. Ah it's really lovely! I'd love to get a tattoo but the pain element petrifies me haha!

    I am running an International Giveaway on my blog now, and I'd love it if you enter for the chance to win some YSL, Chanel and Essie products! :))


  5. Loving the tattoos!

    Cheers, Kelsey.

  6. love your tattoo, I have six I feel the same about my tattoo's as well
    new follower here :) please check my blog out i'd love it if you followed me back
    Jorden x

  7. Beautiful tat! Did you have it done up North?

    1. Aww thanks! Yes I did.. In sheffield! Xx


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