Bank holiday OOTD

Monday, 27 May 2013

Well... 2nd post of the day eh!

This weekend I have mainly been out enjoying the sun and doing a little shopping as the warm weather always reminds me that I can't cover up all year round!

I popped into River Island to have a browse at the Rhianna range and found a really nice top.;the Rhianna dark grey roll sleeve tank top (see here) its nothing too fancy looking but I see it as a piece I can wear with lots of different outfits and accessories.  

 I like the packaging the range comes in, a nice Rhianna bag and they wrap your item in tissue paper..the hangers are quite nice, matte black with an R on and you can ask to keep these ones as they are limited edition, no I'm not a strange hanger fan, there is just a shortage in my flat!

I teamed the top up with some black Topshop leggings, which might I add are my favourite, I've had this pair for nearly a year and they are hole free and most importantly you can't see my knickers through them... just a side thought.. would you tell your mate if you could see their knickers through their leggings?! 

Anyway... we went and did a bit photo taking around the old disused industrial factories near where i live-

Top- Rhianna at Riverisland £15.00 (here)
Leggings- Topshop £20.00 (similar here)
Hat- £12.99 Ark (Similar one on Ark website)
Statement Necklace - £12.99 Dorothy Perkins (Similar one on DP website)
Shoes- Kurt Geiger £25.00 (here)
Bag- Zara office city bag

Have you seen anything in the Rhianna range you like? I am now being drawn to this top in all the different colours they have I think £15 is a reasonable price, the top feels amazing!

What do you think to the outfit?


Chop chop!

Happy bank holiday everyone!

As you may know from a previous post I decided to get my hair chopped this weekend. I have been insistent on not cutting my hair drastically for about 2 years but last weekend I decided enough was enough! 

Looking back on it now I think part of me saw my hair as a bit of a mask or protection from the world... if I felt shite about how I looked I'd just as, I like to call it, 'juj' it up a bit (basically ruffle it at the roots with my hands!) and everything else would look better. This was the case until the colour from my dip dye last year started to affect the dye I was using and I had 3 or 4 tone hair!  

I have lived in Sheffield for 5 years now and over the years I have tried approx 10 different hairdressers and apart from the salon that dip dyed my hair I have disliked all of them, mainly because I go in and say I want a certain cut and I 99% of the time come out hating the stylist for stealing all my hair away!

I saw an offer on groupon a few months back for a cut at a salon called 'The Avenue' (website) it was a really good deal (I think it was £12..) so I decided to book in. I noticed on the voucher that if I took the fella with me he'd get his cut for free, how ace is that?!  

So,  when my first visit to The Avenue came around I was slightly apprehensive because of the sheer lack of advice, attention and understanding of what I want other hairdressers had given me. When we arrived we were met by Briony and Brendan and they quickly put us both at ease. They both listened to what we wanted, made suggestions and were in no way pushy or dismissive of our ideas!  I didn't have a lot done to my hair at this appointment as I was attempting to grow my fringe into a side one and I just wanted a trim.  The fella had a lovely head massage and then he was shown how to style his hair step by step by Brendan. Briony showed me how to use a diffuser to get the most out of my natural curls. 

The whole experience was lovely and the fact that they sat me and the fella next to each other so we could still chat was brilliant. We spent about 2 hours there!

SO this time round... I had an appointment with Briony too. When she took my booking over the phone she mentioned she'd book in some more time so we could spend a while thinking about how my new style was going to work. We chatted for about 30 mins before she even touched my hair... thats what i want!! We were so excited to cut in my new style we both forgot to take a before picture but here's a half way through one-

The first 10 minutes of the cut I was pretty scared but Briony kept reassuring me and it really helped.

 I mentioned that I have a blog and its called 'Tea and Blush' and the upcoming tea review I am working on and Briony went running off and came back with some special  La Biosthetique tea.Lemon Grass, Lemon Mrtyle, Liquorice, mint and lemon zest.. YUM!! 

So, I was in The Avenue about an hour and a half and once my hair was done... WOW! I now am converted to shorter hair! I've got rid of all the weird tones at the ends of my hair and I feel amazing (my facial expression says otherwise in this pic though sorry!)-

So all in all...a bloody good time had at The Avenue and finally I have found my hairdresser and this cut and restyle only cost me £20! YES!

 Have you ever had any disastrous haircuts when the person with the scissors doesn't listen? 
What do you think of the long bob this summer?

Lots of love xxxx

Something a little different...

Friday, 24 May 2013

Hello lovelies!

A month ago I visited my home town for the weekend; each time I go back I am drawn to Toys R Us like a child although I'm in my mid  late 20's!

This time nothing took my eye; everything was way too pink for my liking but when we got to the lego section i spotted this little beauty-

Isn't it cute looking?! These are called Nanoblocks.. they aren't  made by Lego but its the same concept apart from the fact that these blocks, as the name would suggest, are teeny tiny. 

They set me back £7.99 but I think thats pretty reasonable in comparison to the prices of Lego these days! Now where's my slippers...... haha....

So the first thing I did was lay all the pieces out and followed the instructions.. this is where my patience and practical skills let me down... I got to step 2. Step 2... yes . 

Tip- Make sure you do this at a reasonable time of the day... teeny tiny block and sore tired eyes don't mix well.

So the next day I decided to give it another go... still only got to step 2. 

I gave up and watched this vid-

Last weekend my brother came to visit.  I'd been telling him how difficult this birdie was and asked whether he was up to the challenge  of course he said yes!

It took him less than 4 minutes to complete the whole thing. The bugger!

I was determined to do it myself so once he'd left I dismantled little tweety and tried. Step 2. ARGHHHH! 

Thank goodness I took a photo of tweets before I pulled him apart block by block. 

I will not be defeated by this bird..I will try again! 

I really like the idea of Nanoblocks, its like a grown up Lego, the detail in the finished piece is brilliant and I think that a little collection of these on a shelf could look quite lovely!
They range from animals, to musical instruments, to buildings.

 Here's some of the other cute animals they do-

Check out the website for more ideas and stockists!

For you Hello Kitty lovers out there I hear there are some cute kitty Nanoblocks on ebay!

Would you try these out or is it too geeky? Isn't it nice to do something fun that doesn't involve a screen for once?

Let me know what you think xxxx

It's time....

Monday, 20 May 2013

Bonjour lovelies!

Firstly I'd like to apologise for my lack of blogging activity over the past week, it's been hectic but I have been planning upcoming posts. I've been sent some lovely tea samples so keep your eyes out for my tea review and pictures coming soon!  I also had a stall at a vintage fair this weekend just gone and I of course had you guys in mind and took lots if pictures and got lots of shop links so ill fill you in this weekend.
Now..on to the post...I've decided that I need a change..appearance wise that is. Back in August last year I had my hair dip dyed at a salon, it cost me £70 and took hours!-

For me,it didn't quite turn out as planned and went rather reddish but I grew to like it throughout the summer. My hair however became brittle and horrid to brush due to the bleach.When it got to December time I fancied a change again (my poor hair!!) and dyed it all dark brown myself,I say myself,I mean the boyfie did it for me, tip,if you have a perfectionist boyfriend give him the task of dyeing your mane,he did it very well and got to all the places I normally miss. At first the dye covered all the sections of my oddly coloured hair but over the past few months the colour has dropped off the ends where the bleach was applied and now i seem to have 3 different shades at my roots,mid lengths and tips. If you look back at my summer makeup post you'll see what I mean. So...I need a change....and I've made up my mind..I think... I'm getting a lob! 'What?!' I hear you say... A long bob!

I went for a trim about 2 months ago and the lovely hairdresser warned me that this would happen...the longer I leave the bleached ends the more scratty looking they will get. She recommended i have two inches off but at the time I was too scared but I am ready!! At the time of the trim I decided to grow my full fringe (aka bangs) out but I've thrown in the towel and the fringe has finally defeated me...I'm having it cut back in. Here's some picturesI've found this week-

Although I'm rather scared about losing my lovely long locks I think a change is always good at the beginning of the summer and finally my hair will be a bit
more of a normal colour! Strangely I think that having shorter hair will look better with my makeup,I want to get in to lippy more and I imagine it might work better.. What do you think? A new haircut also means an excuse for new hair products! I keep seeing the macadamia range popping up all over the place,any recommendations??Also, on a less exciting note..I need a new hair dryer,can you recommend a good cheapish one preferable under £30?
Ill post pictures of my hair reveal on Saturday and I may even do a YouTube vid showing the process!
Would love to hear from you all xxxx

Summer make up!

Wednesday, 8 May 2013

Hello lovelies!

I thought I'd just post a bit of info about the make up I wore yesterday; well mainly the BB cream but thought I'd include some of the other products I have purchased over the past few months.

   I felt a bit wrong applying my usual foundation as it was so warm and sunny so I thought I'd try out my new 17 BB Blemish balm in light shade and I must say...I am very impressed! 
Even with a small amount it applies thick enough to cover up any slight blemishes I have and the shade sits perfectly on my pale skin!
It surprised me how long it lasts; a lot longer than my usual foundation (L'oreal True Match) and it gives me a much more natural dewy look and at £6.99 from Boots you can't go wrong!!

It boasts on the box that it can help improve the skin condition within 4 weeks...I'll get back to you on that one.
The only down side I have noticed is the slight tackiness once applied but this dries after a minute or so! 

All in all a brill product in my eyes and Its going to be my go to skin product over the summer..might even save me some dosh on the silly amounts of foundations I fail with!

1. 17 Blemish BB Balm - Boots £6.99

2. Maybelline Master Drama Khol u/black - Boots £4.49

3. Nars Orgasm blush- Space NK £21.50

4. Real Techniques buffing brush ( purchased as part of core collection) £20.99
(Oohhh whilst i remember.. Superdrug are doing an offer on RT brushes, buy one get one half price. I got the core collection and the blush brush for £26!)

5. Sleek contour kit (light) Superdrug £6.49

6. L'oreal Paris GlamShine Stain Splash (Princess) Boots- £7.99

Ohh and ...I do have some lashes on...first time in about 4 months and they didn't last that long..they annoy me so much!

Have any of you tried the BB cream too? What do you think?


OOTD- sun sun sun!

Monday, 6 May 2013

Hello lovelies!

I went out in the lovely sun today to a local botanical garden and thought I'd share some of the lovely pictures.  We picked a bit of a shadowy spot (oopps!) but you get the idea!

We picked a bit of a shadowy spot (oopps!) 
I'm wearing-
Dress- River island £30
Sunnies- £7.99 H&M
Bag- Zara Office city bag £49.99
Shoes- Primark £8
Gold watch- vintage..well it was acutally my nannys!

I've never done one of these posts before, are they something you enjoy seeing? 

I am not the best at posing but I enjoy doing them and its always handy when you've got a patient photographer!


Miss KG summer shoes

Sunday, 5 May 2013

Hello lovelies!

I subscribed to Elle magazine just before Christmas (i think!) through one of the voucher websites. Part of the deal was that I'd receive a £25 Kurt Geiger voucher.

 I've never thought of looking in the store near me as I thought it was a rather expensive store but I was wrong! I must admit though, a lot of the shoes they stock aren't to my taste; its harder than you think to find a pair that aren't smothered in diamantés. Each to their own though! 

Anyway, I went in last week and found these beauties-

These are from the Miss KG range and called 'Minx'.

 The range is described as "part of the Geiger family of luxury footwear. Miss KG shoes look to unique touches and individual twists. Sleek patent finishes and corsage trims adorn a covetable edit of jewel bright flats, heels and wedges".
How cute are they!? I was slightly reluctant to buy some jelly-esque shoes as I've had some Vivienne Westwood Melissa's for 2 years now and only worn them once as they cut my poor tootsies to bits but these were too cute not to have and thankfully.....they are so so comfy. I wore them all day today and no rubbing!

The best thing...they were only £25 so I got them for free with my voucher! 
Here is the link to the Minx Nude shoes

 I've had a look on their website and the shoes i have are still available. I also had a look through the Miss KG range and found some others I think are nice....

Best thing is... they are all under £30!

Do you own any shoes by KG? What do you think to my new shoesies? 


S+G why do this to me?!

Saturday, 4 May 2013

Happy bank holiday weekend everyone!!
Today I went into my local boots on the hunt for one thing...
The Soap and Glory Glam a lot body spray. I purchased a 250ml bottle in November last year and my gosh I loved it..used most it of before Christmas! Every time I wore it I got complimented on how good i smelt! Christmas came around and I got the 3 pack selection of the 'Girligo' 'Mist you madly' and 'Glam a lot' which was amazing but again...I couldn't get into the others so used Glam a lot solely and I've finally run out of it...
My trip to boots was in desperation to find some failed. Boots don't have any and haven't for a while and their website doesn't either (out of stock!). Can anyone recommend a scent that is similar? Have you used and loved it too? Is it just my local boots that doesn't stock it?!

Wednesday, 1 May 2013

Bonjour all,

Browsing through my photo collection this evening I realised I've not told you lovely readers much about here is a little snippet of something that is permanently part of me!

I sometimes forget I have this wacking big tattoo on my forearm-

I got this tattoo a few years ago.. 4 to be precise. 

I like having it because.....

1. Its like having an accessory on all the time
2. It reminds me of the year I had it done... lots of fun and partying!
3.I can sit and stare at it and never get bored
4. I like to think of names the fly
5. If i need injections at the doctors i just look at my tattoo and remind myself it wont be half as painful as that.

I don't like having it because....

1. Grandma's/ older people give me strange looks
2.I'll never be able to be an air hostess 
3. Sometimes in the summer when I get hot it itches 
4.I worry that when i'm older and wiser I'll regret it. 

But...overall i love it! 

Do you have any tattoos or are you thinking of getting one? Any questions? 

Although i worry about the future i do keep thinking I'd like more...(in more discreet places this time) hmmm. 


How to make cutesy pom poms

Evening all!
Thought I'd do a bit of a 'How to' as I've been busy making pom poms the last few nights!
Don't they look sooo so cute!?
 I'm planning on making about 10 of them to hang around my bed like bunting. I will warn you though...I thought this was going to be a quick and easy definitely is not is however very easy!  
For the cardboard circles I used a big candle and then a smaller candle for the middle as a guide.

There are tons of videos on Youtube of how to do these so get pom pom-ing! You can use any colour wool of course and my two lots of wool only cost £3.00. I must say...although its time consuming I found it very relaxing!

Not only could they be for bunting uses but for hats, bags,cushions,pencil cases, zippers...the list goes on and on!
Anyone else given this a go before? 

Do you like crafty posts as well as beauty ones? If so...I've got tons more ideas!

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