This week I lived up to my Britishness; the first sign of sun and I get excited. 
No, I haven't revealed my pasty limbs to the world just yet, I purchased a pair of sunglasses. 
Now, this may seem trivial but each year I epically fail at finding a pair I love and end up lusting over everyone else. I'm also known to have a handbag like Poppins; put in a delightfully new pair to later fish them out covered in scratches or missing lenses. Or even worse, I end up sitting on them! 
I had the picture of the perfect pair in my mind and whilst procrastinating my phone ended up on Instagram. 
 @clooudylemonade posted of an amazing pair from Urban Outfitters on her beaut insta page.
Now, i won't go into it right now but I am boycotting UO at the moment so had to find a similar pair elsewhere.
H&M was my first port of call, cheap enough but more likely to stock sunglasses that will protect my peepers a bit more than the £1 primark shades. It was one of those moments that I wish for each time I go out shopping; the first pair I picked up were perfect!

                                                                     £7.99 H&M

Now of course, since I've had them its been dull as heck and I've not been able to even wear them but I'm looking forward to the next day of sun... please, come on!

 Now... all I need is a nice case to pop them in so they don't end up in the glasses graveyard  like every other year.

Does anyone have any suggestions on where I could get a nice case for them? Cheapish but something that will withhold my handbag of clutter.



  1. Hey, I'm a new follow and a massive sunglasses lover too :) this pair is really pretty.

    Please have a little look at my blog if you've got 5 mins x

    1. Aww aren't they lovely?! Just need some blinkin sun now! Thank you for following, I'm new to the blogging world and love to know that someone is reading my posts! I've subscribed to yours too! Ill have a read over the next few days! Thanks again!! Xxx

  2. They're so lovely! I've just bought some sunglasses myself, but at this rate summer will be over before I get a chance to wear them! xx

    1. It's sad isn't it, I've got so many pretty summer dresses that never seem to come out each year! I need to move somewhere warm! You blog is lovely, I look forward to seeing more loveliness! Xxx

  3. these are so lovely! definitely know what you mean, first bit of sun and there are men with tops off everywhere and trying to get a tan haha!
    lovely blog! :-)

  4. Haha I know exactly what you mean! Thanks for reading, it's nice to know people are reading my little blog! And we also share the same surname! Xxx

  5. that is so mad haha! you can never have too many pratts! ;-) xxxx

    1. haha mad ehhh! As much as I got stick for my surname as a kid it makes me sad that one day when i get married i wont be a pratt!!!xx

  6. Replies
    1. Thank you so much!I just need some sun now so i can wear them!xx

  7. love your sunnies! <3

  8. I've been on the hunt for some new sunglasses and i'm going to pop by h&m soon!
    I look forward to reading more on you blog.
    V xx

    Check out my blog:

  9. Lovely glasses :) They are so cute.. Hope you got some use out of them over the Sunny Bank Holiday :)

    Love your blog - New Follower <3

    Love Em, from


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