So, my first post in the blogging world. Scary!

 I've been observing the blogging world from a far over the past year or so and love the idea of sharing my thoughts, ideas, moans,purchases and pictures with as many people as possible. 
For my first post its going to be an easy one. Blush. Blush has become a major part of my daily routine over the past few weeks since i found this little baby.......

Now, I'm going to be utterly honest, my youtube habits are totally to blame for this splurge with this but MY LORDY I'm glad.
 Up until I was cornered in SpaceNK I've been using crappy crap on my lifeless looking cheeks. I love the name, the colour, the sexual matte case (im a sucker for packaging) and the 'performance' of this blush. Gone are the days of walking into the loo's at lunchtime and scaring the hell out of myself in the mirror. Yeah its £23 but so worth it.... 
I'm finding myself looking at NARS website too much...what other NARS products do you recommend?


  1. I have Nars Orgasm too, I love it, need to add another one to my collection but I'm not sure which one yet.
    Great name btw! :P

  2. It's amazing isn't it! I'm thinking about getting the 'foreplay orgasm' palette (sounds so rude!) next; orgasm with highlighter and peachy blush with shimmer! I'll keep my eye on your blog to see what you decide :) aww lovely name too ;) xx

  3. Now that I'm in to blush I want to invest in this, I feel like my makeup collection is missing out. I love the Sexual names as well.
    Grace x

    1. It is pretty good! I do however know that people have found lots of very good dupes (although i couldnt resist the amazing packaging and raunchy name)
      Found this website that is pretty good for finding similar shades-

      I think i may refer to this next time!!



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