Help help I need your recommendations!

Evening all! Just a quick post before I settle into an episode of The Following(my new fav programme)! I am in desperate need for something to slather on my poor lips. As mentioned in my skin care post I have extremely dry skin so my poor lips are also paying the price at the moment what with the cold winds too! I'm on the hunt for a lipbalm,lip mask or anything that will help bring my lips back to a more kissable state! I've been browsing and eos and Babylips keep coming up but I'm not too sure if these will be moisturising enough. Any recommendations? I'd happily pay a bit more for something that's going to do the job. Lots of (sore) kisses xx


  1. Oooh, I love The Following too! And I recommend Burts Bees Replenishing Lip Balm, it costs about £3.50 from Boots and really helps moisturise your lips! x

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    1. Ah the following is amazing...although i know we are going to be left on a cliffhanger at the end of season one of course! so frustrating! What will i do with my monday nights after then!? OO i do love Burts Bees products so ill give this one a go...maybe i will get a few different ones and review them on here! The price is amazing too! Thanks for reading!xxx

  2. I use a Cocoa Butter lip balm from Naturals available at boots for about £2
    I find it really good as I get really dry lips and skin on my face also.
    When it gets really bad I tend to put a thick layer of rich moisturising cream on like Nivea before I go to bed and it smooths out by morning :)
    Anything with cocoa butter in is brilliant I find!
    hope that helps xxx

  3. ohhh I have been dying to purchase EOS! Missglamorazzi on youtube was on about the Alice in wonderland limited addition before Christmas; Blueberry Potion, Sweet Vanilla Nonsense, and Watermelon Wonderland. Just their names alone made me want to get them!! I read a blog post saying that they were really good for your lips and they don't have an artificial smell like you think they would. I'm going to get them I have been wanting them for so long!!!Do they do them in England? I'm from Ireland and defiantly don't sell them in any shops here :(

    :) X

  4. Those names are amazing!!! I haven't seen them in shops here but amazon is full of them.. I'm thinking of getting a few different lipbalms and doing a comparison review on all!i did end up buying one yesterday, the blistex rasberry and lemonade blast and it is AMAZING!!!


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