Evening all!  Hope you are all well and enjoying Friday :) 

Whilst doing my nightly Youtube watching I came across what I think is a lovely (and somewhat addictive!) idea; Postcrossing.

Postcrossing is a lovely online project that allows members of the site to send and receive  postcards from all over the world!

I've watched lots of videos about it and basically you set up an account with the site and build a profile detailing your interests and what type of postcards you'd like to receive.

 Your profile is then saved and when you are ready you ask for another members details wherever in the world they may be. You can browse their profile to see their interests  and then its down to you to go out and find a postcard to send to them! 

And the best thing about it.... you get sent postcards too! I'm planning on setting my account up this weekend. Don't you just love getting something exciting in the post that isnt a bill!  

Also, imagine the amount of beaut cards i'll have in a few months time...maybe ill start scrapbooking them!

Anyone had a go already? I'd love to know what you all think. The only downside i can see  is the fact that stamps are so blinking expensive these days :(

Give it a look...maybe we will end up sending each other a postcard one day!


  1. This is such a nice idea! I keep in touch with a couple of friends I made in Canada and love getting post from them. The more the better! :) x

    1. I've already been assigned my first postcard to send! Its a a guy in Taiwan who likes science and architecture! now got to find a post card that fits to his likes.... hmm! You should sign up and give it a go!xx

  2. This sounds interesting Holly, not heard about it before, one way of getting some interesting post! Am following your Blog. Must admit that it has been ages since I have done anything much on mine but will try to make time to start again soon.

    1. Ohhh Hello granny! I thought you may like this idea of postcards! I've been assigned my first one to send which is good and looking forward to getting some interesting ones, maybe ill put some in picture frames in my flat! I don't think i've seen your blog..whats the address? Ooo i was thinking about emailing you the other day...i've seen some french beauty products i'd like but they are difficult to find you have a pharmacy near by?xx

  3. Wow this is such an interesting idea, never heard of this before!


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