My new baby!!

Friday, 26 April 2013

Ohhhh look how pretty my new purchase is! I needed this bag in my life and today I gave in and purchased! I'm sure you all know what this one is..the Zara office city bag. I checked all the zips a number of times to make sure I didn't get a knackered one,if you are thinking of getting this I'd recommend to thoroughly check the condition of the bag, a lot of the ones I saw had big marks on them and missing zips and as I was most rudely told by the shop assistant they don't reduce the price even if there are marks on it and its the only one left! Thankfully they had some more out the back today..phew. What do you think about this bag? Have you had any issues with it? I'm looking forward to filling it with my clutter this afternoon and maybe one day ill do a "what's in my bag?" post! Happy Friday everyone!!

April lust list

Wednesday, 24 April 2013

                                                           Oooo I've done a lot of lusting this month!!
Clockwise from the top-

Romwe "Retro Flower" blue dress $34.99

Love love love this dress. I ordered a summer dress last year from Romwe and I was really impressed with the quality so this is another one I'd like to add to my summer wardrobe.

Topshop Khan animal slippers £58.00

These look so comfy and cute! Although I'm not keen on the price tag. Has anyone spotted anything similar at a bit cheaper price? 

River Island coral pleated maxi skirt £35.00

So swishy and pretty...I can imagine teaming this with my black leather cropped jacket and a white cami and  black sandals and maybe my new Zara bag :)

Frends Taylor rose gold headphones £170.00 (

I've been checking the website out for these recently and the collection is gorgeous. So ladylike! I'd like to test them out to hear the quality..although for the price they should be bloody good!

Nike Roshe Run £70.00 (&otherstories)

I'm joining the gym (again!) at the end of the month so I have been on the look out for some new trainers and OH wow I didn't realise I could love the look of a pair of trainers so much! I'm totally not a trainer girl at all but I keep going back to look at these again and again. Plus I've been informed that they are meant to be very good for their purpose...running!  Does anyone have these already?  

Benefit Hoola bronzing powder £23.50 (Benefit)

I've been looking for a bronzing powder with no shimmer or sparkle for contouring and I hear this is pretty good!? 

Zara City Office bag £49.99

I'll admit it now...I've given in to the hype and I'm planning on purchasing this beaut at the weekend. I NEED it! My excuse is... I'm upgrading my laptop this year and this is the perfect bag to keep it nice and comfy. Plus, I need lots of compartments for..umm receipts,shed loads of chewing gum and my forever growing collection of lippy.  

Let me know if you own any of these already! I'd love to see what you are all lusting over this month too! xoxo
Help help I need your recommendations!

Help help I need your recommendations!

Monday, 22 April 2013

Evening all! Just a quick post before I settle into an episode of The Following(my new fav programme)! I am in desperate need for something to slather on my poor lips. As mentioned in my skin care post I have extremely dry skin so my poor lips are also paying the price at the moment what with the cold winds too! I'm on the hunt for a lipbalm,lip mask or anything that will help bring my lips back to a more kissable state! I've been browsing and eos and Babylips keep coming up but I'm not too sure if these will be moisturising enough. Any recommendations? I'd happily pay a bit more for something that's going to do the job. Lots of (sore) kisses xx

My skincare treats

Sunday, 21 April 2013

Over the past month I admit I have been overdoing it; today was the first morning I've allowed myself to stay in bed after 8am. As well as feeling constantly busy I've noticed that my skin is not enjoying it either!

 I am very very prone to dry skin on my face and lips; as I've got older (eeekkk!) I've been more conscious about the need to slap moisturiser on and look after my skin a lot better. I'll admit it, I've been lazy in my past but those days are long gone with these beaut products-

Benefit Triple Preforming Facial Emulsion SPF 15- £20.50 (Benefit website)
As I've mentioned previously in my blog, I'm a sucker for packaging and wow did this one get me. It came in a beautiful presentation box and the bottle itself is pretty too..only thing is the 'cork'  lid has started to break apart randomly.   
This moisturiser is designed to be lightweight and non greasy;leave it 30 seconds after apply and  your skin feels smooth and hydrated with a semi matte appearance.  The consistency of this will not be to everyone's taste; its rather runny and can make a bit of a mess if you aren't careful where you point the pump!
 I use this every morning on my face and neck before I apply my primer. It has a slight scent but its  fresh and I don't find it an issue, however, I know some people really dislike        the smell so make sure you go and test it before purchasing. 
I've had this bottle for ages, must be about 6 months and I'm enjoying using it, it leaves me feeling smooth and fresh. At £22 it isn't cheap and I'm tempted to see what other brands can offer. Any recommendations?

Lancome Bi Facial Double Action Eye Make-up Remover £21.00 (Lancome website)
This make-up remover is THE bestest most AMAZING I have ever used! It is the only one I have managed to find that removes waterproof mascara effortlessly.  I wear contact lenses and have sensitive eyes so when I received a small sample pot of this last year I wasn't expecting much but WOW!   
Give it a shake before you use, squirt a bit on a cotton pad and in one swipe across my eye  all my make-up is gone! 
I am yet to try the Benefit 'Their Real! mascara'  yet but when i do purchase I think I'm already set with this remover! Yeah its a little pricey but It lasts for ages and  I can say for sure that this will be one of those products I buy again and again!

Benefit Total Moisture Facial Cream £27.50 (Benefit website)

Wow. Wow. Wow. This cream is so thick and yummy feeling. I mainly use this as a night cream and occasionally use it in the day if my face seems a bit dry and sore.  It has been amazing during the winter months!  After cleansing I apply this just before bedtime, it goes on so smoothly and absorbs well; it doesn't sit on your skin and feel sticky like some I've tried. The next morning I wake up to soft hydrated skin. 
The smell is really subtle and fresh and a little goes a long way. This is going to last me a long time I feel!
 If I had to choose to repurchase between the two benefit creams I've mentioned in this post  the Total Moisture Facial cream would win hands down!!

Have any of you tried these products? Can you recommend an alternative to the first Benefit product?

Friday, 19 April 2013

Evening all!  Hope you are all well and enjoying Friday :) 

Whilst doing my nightly Youtube watching I came across what I think is a lovely (and somewhat addictive!) idea; Postcrossing.

Postcrossing is a lovely online project that allows members of the site to send and receive  postcards from all over the world!

I've watched lots of videos about it and basically you set up an account with the site and build a profile detailing your interests and what type of postcards you'd like to receive.

 Your profile is then saved and when you are ready you ask for another members details wherever in the world they may be. You can browse their profile to see their interests  and then its down to you to go out and find a postcard to send to them! 

And the best thing about it.... you get sent postcards too! I'm planning on setting my account up this weekend. Don't you just love getting something exciting in the post that isnt a bill!  

Also, imagine the amount of beaut cards i'll have in a few months time...maybe ill start scrapbooking them!

Anyone had a go already? I'd love to know what you all think. The only downside i can see  is the fact that stamps are so blinking expensive these days :(

Give it a look...maybe we will end up sending each other a postcard one day!

Tuesday, 16 April 2013

This week I lived up to my Britishness; the first sign of sun and I get excited. 
No, I haven't revealed my pasty limbs to the world just yet, I purchased a pair of sunglasses. 
Now, this may seem trivial but each year I epically fail at finding a pair I love and end up lusting over everyone else. I'm also known to have a handbag like Poppins; put in a delightfully new pair to later fish them out covered in scratches or missing lenses. Or even worse, I end up sitting on them! 
I had the picture of the perfect pair in my mind and whilst procrastinating my phone ended up on Instagram. 
 @clooudylemonade posted of an amazing pair from Urban Outfitters on her beaut insta page.
Now, i won't go into it right now but I am boycotting UO at the moment so had to find a similar pair elsewhere.
H&M was my first port of call, cheap enough but more likely to stock sunglasses that will protect my peepers a bit more than the £1 primark shades. It was one of those moments that I wish for each time I go out shopping; the first pair I picked up were perfect!

                                                                     £7.99 H&M

Now of course, since I've had them its been dull as heck and I've not been able to even wear them but I'm looking forward to the next day of sun... please, come on!

 Now... all I need is a nice case to pop them in so they don't end up in the glasses graveyard  like every other year.

Does anyone have any suggestions on where I could get a nice case for them? Cheapish but something that will withhold my handbag of clutter.


Thursday, 11 April 2013

So, my first post in the blogging world. Scary!

 I've been observing the blogging world from a far over the past year or so and love the idea of sharing my thoughts, ideas, moans,purchases and pictures with as many people as possible. 
For my first post its going to be an easy one. Blush. Blush has become a major part of my daily routine over the past few weeks since i found this little baby.......

Now, I'm going to be utterly honest, my youtube habits are totally to blame for this splurge with this but MY LORDY I'm glad.
 Up until I was cornered in SpaceNK I've been using crappy crap on my lifeless looking cheeks. I love the name, the colour, the sexual matte case (im a sucker for packaging) and the 'performance' of this blush. Gone are the days of walking into the loo's at lunchtime and scaring the hell out of myself in the mirror. Yeah its £23 but so worth it.... 
I'm finding myself looking at NARS website too much...what other NARS products do you recommend?

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