What i got for xmas 2013…

Tuesday, 31 December 2013

Hello my lovely readers…. (if there are any of you left?!)

I've been really slack with my blogging the past few months. What with working away in India for such a long time and trying to get back into the swing of things back here I haven't found the time.I know excuses excuses. But… all is not lost. January, like for many people, is a long long month and rather than going out spending my money its going to be a quiet one so i thought I'd use the opportunity to get back into the world of Tea and Blush!

So.. this year I spent xmas in Yorkshire, my family rented out a HUGE house so all of the clan could spend the festive season together and we had a beaut of a time!

I also was a very lucky girl and got some lovely pressies… heres a few of them-

 Wow where to start…..

The big yellow candle was a gift from my brother and his lady. They each have a shop on etsy-

Little lily pod shop                    PastCarings

Freshly baked shortbread candle (£8.99 frombestkeptsecrets)

Sushi rice cube (£9.99 from Firebox)

Monkey tea infuser (£9.86 from Amazon)

I love lists notebook (similar from ASOS)

Loverdose Tattoo by Diesel  (£38.95 from The Perfume shop)

Last year I bought the original Loverdose for my mumma for her birthday and loved it so much myself I was considering buying it. As usual I didn't get round to it and whilst on holiday in france this year i happened to find the newer version of it and OHHH am I glad i did.

Its a beaut of a smell, just addictive. I'm no scent expert so i googled what makes it smell so gorgeous; top notes of bergamot, mandarin and cassis. Middle notes of rose, orange and jasmine. Base notes of vanilla, tonka bean and milk. Mmmmmmmmm. I think for me its the vanilla part that draws me in.

I've been wearing it for about a week now and I keep finding myself sniffing my scarf at work! For me it works both as a night and daytime fragrance. Can you tell i can't get enough of it!?

No7 illuminated makeup mirror (£15.99 from Boots)

Didn't think I could be impressed so much by a mirror! This is a great must have for all beauty and makeup lovers… it has a magnifying mirror on one side and a normal one on the other. Great in my apartment as the lighting is pretty poor but this little gem has its own light built in!

MAC sheertone blush in Sincere 

Since being in India I've become addicted to bloody MAC. Its a bad habit… an expensive one. So it was great to get some vouchers for xmas! I fancied a new blush but one that moved away from the pinky girly that i would usually wear. I love Sincere.. its a muted warm peach with a hint of brown. I think it really suits me at the moment whilst I've still got a bit (a teeny bit should i say) of a tan left from travelling. It would look amazing on asian skin too!

MAC cremesheen lipstick in Hang up

I adore this lipstick.. so much so I've worn it everyday for the past week. My lips however haven't enjoyed it quite as much. I suffer with extremely dry lips and this doesn't seem to help but bugger it it looks good. Its smooth and thick to apply, lasts a good 5 hours or more,
 smells rather divine and really works well with my new blush.

Vanilla orchid matchbox candle ( from Anthropologie)

Cute, clever and smells deliciously of vanilla, orchid, blackcurrant and a hint of choc! A tray slides out of the 'matchbox' to reveal a 2 wick white soy candle.  On the top (where the little bunny is sitting) is a handy striking surface to light your matches on!

Los Pollos Hermanos mug

Im so sad that I finished all of the Breaking Bad episodes…. so this mug is here to remind me every morning when I have a cuppa! You can get these from Ebay or Amazon.. and i'm sure another bazillion places!

Glamping break for two (from Experience more)

How amazing is this gift from my brother?! We get to choose where we'd like to go in the country and stay in a little pod for the weekend! There are tons of sites all around the UK too!

Porcelain and silver bunny necklace (£40 from Me me me shop)

So so so cute!

Collard Manson fire ring  (£18 from Collard Manson)

If you are ever in Sheffield make sure you pop to Collard Manson on Divison Street. One of my fav shops! They have amazing pieces and all at really good prices. This ring was chosen by my fella and i love it! Proper knuckle duster!

Topshop gold ring ( got this in the sale for £2!)

Take two tickets

Another amazing gift from my parents for me and the Mr. Vouchers for a local cinema that includes a meal for 2, bottle of wine and 2 cinema tickets! Its the type of place that shows independent films as well so we are going to keep our eyes out for one we fancy in the new year!

I also got a lovely new coat from Topshop from the Mr……..

(Excuse the crap background… I got bored waiting for the bus and decided to do some posing!)

Phew that was a long list… i hope you enjoyed reading about the lovely things.  I said i didn't really need anything this year and its always great as all my pressies were complete surprises!

There are two more pressies i got but I'm going to blog about them separately as they are both SO special!

What did you all get for xmas? Any horrendous gifts?

I hope you all have a fantastic NYE! I'm going for a huge burger with the fella and some friends later on.. MMM burger!


All things Indian

Friday, 4 October 2013

Hello hello.

So if you follow me on instagram you will know that I am now in India. Its strange actually typing that... I've been here 2 weeks today and I stil can't believe it. 

So, do i like India? Yes I LOVE it! The sounds amaze me and its a feast for your eyes everywhere you go. Even our drive to work is mesmerising. Thats the thing about this country... nothing seems to stay the same for long so theres always something new to look at even if you take the same route every day. 

So my day here normally means getting up at about 9am, making myself look presentable and then heading down for breakfast. They do all sorts of weird and wonderful things first thing in the morning; stuff that blows your head off spicy.  I tend to stick to what I know, fruit,cereal and occasionally the cheeky poached egg on toast and the occasional cup of tea!


  Then its off to the gym; on a full stomach yes.. I know. On a good day I'll spend 40 minutes in there. I find it exhausting to work out here... its so clammy and warm so to cool off I spend the next hour or so either sitting by the pool or cautiously lowering myself in the non heated water! 
Lunch starts at 12 at the hotel but after 2 weeks of the same lunch we've started to venture out for more exciting things.  On tuesday this week I met up with a fellow blogger called Beth; I randomly did a google search for 'Pune bloggers' and her blog appeared so we made arrangments for a lunch date! Shes also from the UK but here for a much longer time with her gorgeous family; it was great to get some more ideas of things to visit and places to shop. 

Talking of shopping... its so varied out here... some amazing fabric shops, some beautiful homeware shops and then there are some familiar shops like Zara and Mac. Mac works out at about 25% cheaper than in the UK.. so it was around £9 for a lipstick, I got Brick-O-La and I'm loving it. Planning on buying a few more before i go home too!


Its ace living in a hotel too... I was going to do a room tour post but my room is currently being cleaned... ill wait until it looks presentable and get snapping. 

Coming to India has been an eye opener completely... to see such poverty on a daily basis is hard to take in but sadly I've quickly got used to it; everywhere you go there are people begging. I'm planning on doing some volunteering work whilst over here just to give a bit back... I don't know how anyone can come to this country and not want to help, even if its just one person. 

 If you all would like to see more of my trip please leave a comment below. Have you been to Pune before?I love suggestions of things to see and do!


Holiday purchases

Friday, 13 September 2013

Bonjour all!

If you follow me on Instagram (@hollylcuyhp) you probably will have guessed that I'm currently on holiday in France! Ive been here for a week now and today is home time... this makes me sad! As always with our family holidays in France we have done tons; we've visited pretty seaside towns, been to some historical places of interest and done lots of eating.. moules et frites are my fav!

Before we came on holiday I'd been watching a few video's and seen many blogposts on french pharmacies and the huge amount of lovely products you can get over here so I thought I'd have a nosey. The pharmacies stock such a vast amount of creams,serums and makeup its amazing..I wish more of our pharmacies back home did the same! It is all a bit pricey in the pharmacies though so I thought I'd hang on for the bigger supermarkets. My family love cooking and eating so it wasn't long before we headed to the local supermarche called Auchen . I found some little bits that I'm planning on taking to India with me next week-


Caudalie lip conditioner (4 Euros)- If you have seen previous blogposts I've done you'll probably know i have major issues with dry cracked lips... I'm always on the hunt for the wonder product that will cure all my lipssues (see what I did there!) and I've heard tons of great things about Caudalie so thought I'd check it out. The balm doesn't have much of a scent at all and its made of 99.5% natural ingredients like Shea butter and Castor Oil, it’s completely free of  Parabens, Phenoxyethanol, Mineral oils, Paraffin, Synthetic artificial colourings, Sodium laureth sulphate, Phthalates, Animal-derived raw materials. The thing I'm liking already about the balm is that it seems to be quite durable, it hangs about for ages! I also love the fact its non greasy. The only thing Im not so keen on is the strange taste it has... a bit oily. But I'll get used to it I'm sure.  As for if it works wonders.... I'll let you know after my 11 hour flight next week when i plan to smother my lips with it!


Bioderma Crealine H2O solution micellaire 100ml (5 Euros)- I decided to get a mini bottle of this cult beauty product for 2 reasons; this size (if i've read all of the facts correctly!) can be taken on my flight in my hand luggage- meaning once I'm all settled in my seat I'll get rid of all my makeup and smother my face in moisturiser! Secondly I was reluctant to spend about 15 Euros on a bigger bottle having never used the product before! I've seen tons of reviews on this and I'm hoping I'll love it as much as everyone else does!


 Kiko Platinum body wash-(3 Euros 40) Whilst at the supermarket complex I spotted a Kiko shop, I've never owned any Kiko products so thought I'd give their shower gel a go. Again, I haven't used this yet as I'm saving it for my trip but I've had a good sniff and wow.. it smells amazing! The scent is black Orchid and platinum-I don't know what either of those are meant to smell like but its gooood! I'd say its quite a powdery smell with a hint of sweet shop. Can't wait to use it; it promises velverty soft skin.. I'll let you know next week!


Kiko nail laquer shade 295- (2 Euros 50) As you all are probably getting ready for the cooler months I'm preping for my trip and hoping I'll get a bit of colour to my pasty skin so I thought I better get some more bright colour varnish. I was shopping in Kiko with the fella and he pointed out this one. I like it in the bottle, it applies reasonably well with 2 coats but it does have a really strong chemically smell. I'm not overly keen on the colour on either.....

What do you think? Have you used Kiko nail polish before? I think I'm going to stick to my fav Essie ones and another brand of polish I find really nice to use; Champney. 

At the moment I'm on the ferry home, this makes me sad.. but my next adventure begins in a couple of days! Have you all had your holidays for the year?


Nivea express hydration primer

Sunday, 18 August 2013

Afternoon beauties!

You may remember a while back I spoke about my challenge to find my perfect primer. 

I've tried tons over the past few months; mainly samples from counters in department stores as I didn't want to splash out tons and hate it! Still, after trying about 10 different brands (Benefit, Estee Lauder, Bodyshop,Clinique.. the list could go on and on!)  I started to think that my skin just wasn't liking extra stuff being wacked on it everyday. 

Last saturday afternoon I was watching some mind numbing tv and the Nivea advert popped up about the Express hydration primer, its sold as a primer that provides moisturising loveliness as well as priming your face for make-up. I was completely sucked in by the advert and the next day popped into town on the search for it. I tried Boots and Superdrug and both were selling it for £4.99. I'm a bit of a bargain hunter and thought I'd scout the cheaper shops to see if any deals were on and the first place I went into, Savers, had it for £2.99!  

I love the packaging of this product, its clean and sleek looking, it is in a glass tub and you do  have to just dip your fingers in, hygiene wise it probably isn't so great. I'd much prefer it in a tube.
The texture is amazing, its a gel cream formula and first thing in the morning when applying the primer its very cool feeling and wakes me up! Once applied it instantly sinks into your skin and I noticed the difference straight away, my skin felt smooth and my pores were noticeably reduced. 
With all of the other primers I've tried I noticed that my foundation was still patchy and dry around my problem areas, between my eyebrows and around my nose but the Nivea solves all these issues! 

I thoroughly enjoy using this primer and recommend it to all of you.. what's not to like... it works and its cheap! I'm no longer being sucked in by expensive primer products! Are there any you would recommend? Have you tried this product?

When I run out of this pot I'm going to give the dry/sensitive version a go... I may buy it before i head off to India actually. I'm going to be in air conditioned hotel rooms and offices for the majority of my trip... its going to play havoc with my skin!

Can you recommend any beauty essentials for warmer climates?


I'm off travelling!

Monday, 5 August 2013

Hello lovelies!

Hope you are all well and Monday hasn't been too painful for you all?

I have some exciting news! So,for the past few months at my work there has been talk about needing people to visit one of our offices overseas to do some training and coaching. I've never really been able to travel very far, mainly due to being a poor student for so many years, so I jumped at the chance and put my name down. 

A few weeks back talk about the trip became more serious and it was confirmed that I'd been selected to go and train out the subject area I specialise in! So... I'm off to India!  It's true, as you get older time goes quicker, and now I only have 5 and a half weeks left before I fly over 4000 miles for 7 weeks!

Just writing that scares me!

So at the moment I have a mixture of the following emotions-


On top of these is also the feeling of joy about the fact I get everything, yes literally everything, planned for me, all I've had to do is have a few injections and organise my malaria tablets. 

The bit I'm most excited about is the extra week I've booked whilst I'm out there to visit Goa. OHHH yehhhh!

Have any of you been to India before? Tell me about your experiences!

So.. you know what comes next... 'holiday' booked, shopping commences!

So far I've snapped up a few bits in the summer sales (this baffles me..) and a few bits from ASOS Primark range

I'm also lusting over the Laura Mercier travel portfolio

Now this one if £60 from The Urban Retreat but its been sold out now for a while but they do have the petite one in stock for £40 Petite portfolio. To be honest I'm not planning on taking tons of make up with me so the petite would do me fine... now to just find a spare £40..mmm! 

Do you have the petite version? Would it do for the day to day make-up? Can you recommend any other make-up bags?

Ohhh i could ramble on all day about the things I need (want) for this trip, can you think of any holiday essentials that you would recommend for me to take? 

Ahhh the thought of staying in a beaut hotel, getting dinner cooked for me each night and not having to do any of my own washing is amazing!


I'm back..come and have a peek around my new place!

Tuesday, 30 July 2013

Well what an awful blogger I have been over the past month or so! Fear not though... I've been thinking of you all still and taking pictures of anything I think you may all want to read about!

I also have quite a bit of news that I will tell you all about this week

Contradicting my previous post about lone living I've now moved in with my fella! I loved the living alone and I'd recommend it to any of you still but it wasn't going to be forever... I'd had the luxury for a year and a half and the idea of packing my weekend bag every other day to go to his house was getting tiring so it came just at the right time. Thankfully we have only moved around the corner into another converted factory building and OH we love it! Its hard to explain the layout of our new place... but its something like this---

 It's in essence a studio flat but my goodness I've never seen a 'studio' so big! This video sums up studio living for me COMPLETELY-

We raced to Ikea only 3 days after we moved in and got some lovely bits... my blogging desk and bits and bobs shelf as I like to call it! (the bit in blue on the plan above is the desk)

It's looking a bit cluttered at the moment but I'm waiting to go to an auction in a few weeks and buy some units for our bedroom, I'll be able to put all my makeup stuff on there instead of on the shelves!

This is our beaut lounge.. such huge windows!

This has been my project over the past few days.......

It originally looked like this before i got the Annie Sloan paint on it.....

Have any of you used Annie Sloan paint before? If not, let me know and I'll do a post on it! My mum has a blog too and she's done some posts about painting furniture, check it out

This little table is probably my favourite part of the lounge at the moment. My Crosley record player has pride of place along with the creepy but cool skull we purchased from Wilkinsons last weekend for £9.

My fella is a skateboarder and we both thought that this old board of his looks pretty good hung on the wall in the hallway (his artist friend drew Mr's face on it for an exhibtion!)

This key hook was one of my first purchases on Etsy a year or so ago and I adore it! The shop is called FreudenDesLebens. I think I paid about £25 for this piece but its so useful.. it saves me the panic of searching for my keys each morning. 

How cute is this house warming pressie we were given by my lovely friend Sally! It's personalised for me and the fella! Visit her shop at Cinnamon buns designs

This is one of the fella's pictures. Its by Justin Jones, a friend of his. Check out some of his other pieces at Story-clothing

This below picture shows one of the most useful things I own! A few years ago my brother made me this little set of shelves... in my old place it was in the bathroom holding all of my bathroom nicnaks but in the new place its in the kitchen storing all my tea's and some herbs! He hasn't made anymore of these recently but if you would like one too let me know! Mine is rather full so you cant see the backdrop but there are pretty roses behind all the contents! 

My brother has two Etsy shops you should check out; the first is vintage homeware,retro cameras and some beautiful photos he has taken  Lewsloot , the second is his new venture.. paper cutting!! Yeah he's my brother and I may be bias but take a look at his intricate paper cutting pieces at CuttingQuotes you'll be impressed!

Love this retro phone we have on the window ledge. Courtesy of mum and dad! Sitting next to the phone are my lovely but crass poodles. I LOVE these strange little beauties!  The Mr however isn't so keen!

This is part of my clutter on my blogging desk. The 'must have' ikea plant pot. I decided not to use my plant pot as a makeup brush holder but actually as a plant pot!

I adore Russian dolls! These were given to me by mum and dad. They also have an Etsy shop PrattsPatch. Have you gathered that we get alot of our stuff for free?! Its brilliant having creative (and very generous!) family and friends! 

Just behind the Russian dolls are my Real Technique makeup brushes, I chose to store them in a Wedgewood vase given to me by my great grandma. I would have never used it as a vase so thought it looked pretty with brushes in. 

This serviette holder is also from my mummys shop!

How funky does this little Budda look!? The Mr has caught the Annie Sloan painting bug. He chose shade 25. Florence. Behind the Budda is a decoupage dish I did a few months back... Would you like to see how I made this??

I hope you have enjoyed having a sneak peek around our new place. We've been in here for about a month so we are sort of unpacked but still some bits to add! We both love living here, yes its been a change for both of us but we are adjusting to living with each other... compromise is the key word!

What do you think to the new place then? Tell me all your exciting news...I've missed reading blogs the last few weeks!

That reminds me.... I have more exciting news that I will blog about tomorrow!


Lone living

Friday, 7 June 2013

This is a post I've been looking forward to writing ever since I started my blog. Its something very personal to me and I hope that my writing will inspire you to take the leap and choose lone living at some point in your life!

Throughout my years at university I lived in halls of residence and shared houses with friends. Whilst at the time the living arrangements were perfect I look back now and shudder. How did I cope?! 

I've lost count of how many friends I've lived with and subsequently lost. Unfortunately its true.. you never know someone until you live with them. 

A year and a half ago I decided enough was enough... I could no longer put up with other people. I didn't want to be the third wheel in someone's relationship/friendships, I didn't want to hear the night time antics of housemate's and their partners and I didn't want to feel like I had to constantly tidy up to please someone else. 
At first the idea of living on my own scared the hell out of me. This was at a time when I was rather dependent on the people around me to entertain me and keep my mind occupied but I knew I had change something in my life so i took the plunge.

I thankfully knew someone who was moving out of a place in the perfect area. Right in the centre of town in a beautiful old factory building.  I spoke to the landlord and within a week I'd signed a contract and planned a date to move in. 

Then came my next problem, telling the person who I lived with that I was leaving. A long story didn't go down too well but I hadn't signed a contract at that persons place and it was never meant to be forever.

I realised that I can't continue making decisions to please other people...i got to look out for me!

The day I moved in....ohhh i was scared. I hired a man and a van and shipped all of my stuff into my swish new place and within days I began to love it. 

I've been thinking of the best and worst things about living alone, heres what i've come up with!


  1. You can lounge about in your PJ's all day and no one will pass comment!
  2. Who the fuck is going to tell you off for not doing the dishes?!
  3. You can eat EVERY meal on the sofa
  4. You can watch Eastenders and no one can say otherwise
  5. You'll never be forced to watch someone play playstation.
  6. You can eat as many crisps  at 1am as you want without anyone tutting at your disgusting eating habits
  7. Get drunk on your own (occasionally okay!) whilst watching shit on tv or youtube
  8. You can eat food out of whatever you want.  Even straight from the fridge!
  9. Reorganise the furniture weekly and then move it back without asking anyone
  10. I can swear out loud whenever I want
  11. You hardly ever need to wash your glass.. just reuse it..... thats okay right?!
  12. Evening/afternoon/morning naps go undisturbed
  13. If you wake up in a mood you don't notice as there's no one to take it out on
  14. Your toilet paper/shampoo/toothpaste/everything bathroom related lasts forever
  15. If you go out and splurge in shops or on the internet no one ever need know!


  1. Spiders... I need not elaborate.
  2. There's no one to sign for your parcels when you've splurged too much on ebay.
  3. You have to take the bins out every time.
  4. You never have those surprises when you get home; dinner on the table, tidy house.
  5. If you are skint there's no one to go "oh don't worry i'll buy us dinner"
  6. If you are anything like me I can sometimes stay up until 2am faffing about on the internet, I need someone to tell me to stop and sleep!
  7. If you hear a noise at night, its surely someone trying to kill you.
  8. The bills are huge
  9. You sometimes get used to mess.
  10. No one to make you a cuppa when your upset.
  11. If you miss your alarm in the morning your late for work.
  12. Getting ready for a night out on your own is rubbish plus you can't borrow an outfit off anyone!
  13. If you lose your key's that's it. 
  14. Living alone encourages hoarding... I cant throw anything away... just incase..
  15. You end up talking to the TV...

As you can see, there are so may pro's and con's for living alone for me personally. 

So.... this is just the beginning of posts about my home....that's if you guys want to see more?
I was thinking of doing a tour of my home... either in video or pictures. I've had to learn how to store things well due to not having tons of space, maybe I'll share those ideas?

This is really something I want you to direct... What else do you want to know about lone living? Would you be interested if i did a post about how it's helped me develop personally?

Hope you enjoy this read!


Born Lippy Bodyshop Lip balm

Thursday, 6 June 2013

I am worried.. I think my love for Bodyshop has been reignited again recently. 

Over the years I've had an on/off love for the place. This began as a child, discovering the kids line of products they used to you remember the crazy growing flannels and yummy flavoured bubble baths?  

After working as an xmas temp there a few years ago whilst still at uni I think my love was dampened slightly; I was done with the smells, some what cringingly happy sales assistants and the not so reasonable prices.

So, last week when I fancied adding a new lip balm to my collection (very large collection may i add!) I thought I'd brave it and pop in for a browse. 

I had it in my head that I'd go for a lip butter, I'd seen youtuber, Velvetgh0st mention the sweet lemon lip butter and it sounded yum. However, the price wasn't so yum £4 for a teeny tiny pot... yes I know that isn't that expensive but if you saw the amount of lip products I have that are half used you'd know why I was a little unwilling to pay £4!

Next to the lip butters were the Born Lippy Lip balms in a number of different scents. I took about 10 minutes just smelling them all! 

I decided to go for watermelon in the 10ml tub.

 You can also get them in-

Pink Guava

Then in the stick form you can get-

Pink Berry

The Bodyshop website describes it as-

Our cult lip balm in a pot. Gives colour, flavour and moisture for more kissable lips.
Moisturises and conditions lips
Soft pink tint
Shine finish
Fruity watermelon flavour

I love the packaging of this, I like the redesigned logo.

I know some people don't like tub lip balms as you have to stick your fingers in but it doesn't bother me. The tub is small but holds a fair bit of product. When you open the lid you get a huge waft of scent which I love rather than having to dip my nose in it to get an idea of scent!

This lip balm definitely does taste like watermelon. Its not too sweet but leaves a lasting taste on your lips. Its consistency is smooth and not at all greasy or sticky which is a huge plus for me. I HATE sticky lip products!

 I've been using this for a week and it hardly looks touched so hopefully will last me a while! I have noticed a slight improvement of my lips. I have been applying this product 4 times a day.

I haven't noticed much of a tint  but it gives them a bit of sheen for sure.  
£2 for this tub too, great price!

Overall,I am very happy with this new purchase, I now want to try the Guava and the toffee stick balm. Have you tried the stick products? Are they just as yummy?


MUA Lipstick Haul

Wednesday, 5 June 2013

Now that summer is hopefully here I'm totally feeling lipstick. So last week, just after payday i began the search for the perfect shade. I spent a stupidly long time on the MAC website looking for 'the' one but without having a counter nearby I was weary in spending a small fortune on something I may not like /might not suit me. 

So... i decided to look for cheaper alternatives and came across the MUA website. I was so surprised at the prices... £1 for a lippy- bargain. Being this price means if I don't like it then it's not the end of the world. With that in mind bought 6! Free postage and packaging too!

 The lipsticks turned up about 4 days after ordering and I immediately wanted to try them all out!I prepped all of the lippy's take pictures and swatches of then realised that none of the lipstick tubes have any indication of which shade they are... only on the lids... massive error of mine! Rather than me guessing from the swatch pictures and getting it wrong I think I'll do an overall post on the lippys. All I know is that i ordered- 

shade 1
Shade 2
shade 7
shade 11
shade 14
shade 15

I was worried that due to them being cheap as chips they wouldn't be great quality but my goodness I was wrong to make that assumption, they are all so creamy and moisturising.  Some of the shades I got aren't the most wearable in the daytime but I think I love all of them!

The packaging is lovely, I like to keep things simple, plus the sneaky little tub of product on the top is a bonus. My only complaint is the lack of numbering on each tube... I can't believe this has been missed!

The pigmentation of the majority of shades is good, for most only one sweep is needed to provide a full and glossy cover. They also taste rather good too!

I'd recommend these to girlies who aren't quite sure where to begin with lippy,just like me! Once you've found your fav shade then maybe it will help when looking for a more expensive brand?

I'm planning on next week doing a week (well 6 days) of MUA lipstick on my instagram @hollylucyhp so you can see each shade teamed up with outfits etc!

Does the number thing irritate you? What do you think of the shades I've picked?


The obsession begins...

Monday, 3 June 2013

Bonjour all!

Wow... how amazing has the weather been this weekend?! 

Last week whilst it was pissing it down with rain I happened to be browsing all your lovely blog's and I came across Claire's amazing outfit on her blog; Indigo Girl (Indigo Girl: The heart has taken control.

She had an beaut pair of sunnies on and the wonderful blogger Claire is she linked to Ebay where I could find a similar pair, this got me investigating Ebay a bit more and I found a seller in the UK; and of course I couldn't help but buy a pair!

I'm loving the roundness of these glasses; in the past I have had a tendency to buy glasses and either sit on them or realise they make me look rather bug like but I think these ones look pretty good....

What do you think.. a bit bug-esque but I'm liking it!

The BEST thing about these glasses is that they were only £3.99! Here's the link Allcalender sunglasses, this ebay shop seems to have a lot of really on trend sunnies and they are all quite reasonably priced with free P+P... can't really go wrong! They arrived within 3 days too!

I've now gone and ordered myself another pair in brown! Lets hope the sun sticks around for a while ehh!

What shades are you wearing? Are you like me and awful at looking after your poor sunnies?

Send me some links of others you think I should add to my collection!


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